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  Internet Age Broadcaster

Peggy Miles & Dean Sakai

Internet Age Broadcaster is the one book broadcasters need to chart their long-term Internet strategy. Discover how the decade's most powerful communications tool is revamping the entire broadcast industry and how you and your station can benefit.

The race for the global digital network is taking off via the Internet. In just a few short years, Internet activities like e-mail and the World Wide Web have become commonplace. Now the Internet is leaving its digital imprint on the broadcast industry with Web pages and signals that can be pushed, pulled, and delivered to PCs, TVs, mobile devices, and across wireless networks. The implications for your station are staggering.

Written by industry experts with dozens of examples and case studies, Internet Age Broadcaster shows how broadcasters are marrying creative and business to establish two-way interaction with audiences and advertisers, deliver better services and products, and make money in the process. Learn from your network colleagues and your peers at TV and radio stations across the U.S. how to create innovative partnerships, develop promotional and database marketing campaigns that work, and maximize the Internet's financial and technological potential.

From big-picture economic, legal, and regulatory issues to the basic how-tos of website design and development, Internet Age Broadcaster is must reading and smart business.

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Publisher - Bill Seals
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  Guide to Webcasting

Peggy Miles

A fascinating and instructive look at broadcasting over the Internet. The essential introduction to broadcasting over the Web, this title covers business and entertainment uses and presents the different technologies available. The book gives real-world examples of companies already using Webcasting for communications, training, marketing, customer support, and more.

Written by a Webcasting expert, this book is a complete guide to broadcasting on the Web. It provides a general overview of Webcasting, covers business and entertainment uses, and presents the different technologies available. The book is supported by a site associated with the Webcaster Association site at www.webcasters.org.

Published by Meckler Media
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  Selling the Net  

Peggy Miles

Establishing an effective presence on the Net requires careful strategic planning. Peggy Miles wrote the book on Internet broadcasting.... literally! Based on her highly acclaimed book, "Internet Age Broadcaster," this idea-packed, moneymaking 1-hour video is the latest from RABís Professional Development Series. The training program covers the following:

  • Internet Basics
  • Business Models
  • Providing Strong Site Content
  • Selling Strategies
  • Glossary of Internet Terms

Your sales people will learn Internet basics, terms and definitions, business models and promotional ideas that really work, how to sell the Internet with your Radio product and much more. Youíll even see real case studies from stations that are using and PROFITING from the Internet!

Program contains one video and one participant guide.

Published by the Radio Advertising Bureau
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