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About Intervox Communications

Founded in 1994 by broadcast managers, Intervox Communication is considered the leading digital broadcasting consulting company.

Intervox provides Internet interactive project management and implementation, Net broadcasting consultation and electronic commerce solutions driven by highly selective content integration.

Specialization in Media
Intervox works with clients in TV, Radio, Satellite, Cable, DRM, DBM, consumer products, EPG, datacasting, streaming media, webcasting, electronic commerce, VBI/HOS, Newspapers, Associations, and start-ups. Client list follows.

Intervox is experienced in new electronic Digital Rights Management programs, Customer Relationship Marketing, Database Marketing strategies and new media content acquisition, distribution and rights for all electronic media.

Broadcast and New Media Specialization
Intervox Communications works with Broadcasters, content and technology companies whose mission is to leverage existing resources into new content, new media and new distribution opportunities.

Deployment of Channels, Content, and Commerce
The objective for many of our clients is to take advantage of the changes occurring in the broadcasting, technology and entertainment fields. The rapid deployment of channels, content or commerce requires defined plans, operations, and accountability programs. Intervox provides corporate intelligence, strategy, strategic ventures, and hands-on support for client projects.

Program Mission
Programs typically incorporate a client's mission to start-up, spin-off, develop key business relationships, joint ventures, as well as the viability or integration of a merged or acquired property, technology or program.
Selecting key market accelerators extend and develop the brand, leverage relationships, and accelerate growth in a rapidly changing competitive market.
In many new media or broadcast cases, the market is already saturated, and the product may need to evolve quickly to withstand competition.
The cost of acquisition of content, a company, or introduction of a new product into a distribution channel is risky.
Competitive intelligence, accountability programs, trained management and vendor/partner relationships are essential in all stages of a complicated project.

New Media Success Program
Products and relationships developed by Intervox Communications are customized for a specific project.
Intervox Media Development Programs enhance product, market position and user/viewer penetration through:
  • Content and media business ROI analysis and recommendations
  • Marketing and launch strategies
  • Competitive market intelligence
  • Content/product Positioning
  • New product introductions, ventures and alliances
  • On-line, On-Air, and branding components integrated and synched to provide "easy to use" and "easy to understand" messages to a distinct market target.

Intervox Firsts
Intervox has a consistent track record of interactive digital firsts.

  • Project Management for First major markets broadcasting live on the Internet using Streaming Technology on the World Wide Web - with Xing Technology - September 1995 for EZ Communications, Radio Data Group.

  • First Interactive Auction in Washington, DC on World Wide Web for Home Team Sports (35 Station Broadcast Network) and Leukemia Society concurrent and in synch with an on-air telethon - raising more than $137,000 on-air and on-line. - August 1995.

  • First In-Synch Datacasting of Live Station Content on CBS's KCBS-FM Los Angeles.

  • National Association of Broadcasters Book on Internet Marketing and Webcasting to be published 1998, and 2001.

  • First for Broadcast Site Development including Intelligent Database Marketing - one to one personalized applications with Moe Benesch, Videoactv Studios.

  • First Website with Timed Announcers Changing with Program Descriptions.

  • First Introduction of "Branded Access" Program to a Broadcast Group with EZ Communications and the Radio Data Group.

  • Centralized Club Program/ and Dating Database Program for Broadcast through cupidnet.com and American Singles. http://www.cupidnet.com

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